Thursday, December 14, 2006

Boeing suffers [another] laptop identity theft

The Wall Street Journal reported 382,000 employees' records were on a Boeing laptop stolen by an unknown burglar. Also, people that have or had been retired by Boeing had their personal data thefted. Boeing, according to the Journal, said it was all very worrying. Well, it is very worrying. It makes the INQ wonder what is in the minds of corporations to leave laptops like this hanging around.

It also begs questions why giant corporations allow their employees to download data onto easily stealable notebooks. After all, Boeing is a giant aerospace combine. And has plenty of competition. Has it never heard of security? Boeing has opened up a "hot line" for concerned employees and ex-employees

Source :
The Enquirer

Once, Twice, Three Times A Loser... Wait, Make That Four

Last November, we wondered exactly why a Boeing employee was carrying around a laptop containing the names, birth dates, Social Security numbers and bank account info of 161,000 thousand current and former employees. That laptop was, of course, stolen.

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