Tuesday, December 12, 2006

MS Office : zero-day liability all year long?

A really critical vulnerability in Microsoft Word 2000, 2002, 2003, Mac 2004, and Viewer will not make Microsoft's patch Tuesday this week and a newly found critical vulnerability in Windows Media Player playlists will also miss the boat. The exploit code for both vulnerabilities are out in the wild and there have been attacks on the Word exploit seen in the wild. Unfortunately we most likely won't see a patch until the January patch Tuesday which is nearly 5 weeks away and Microsoft rarely issues out of cycle patches unless there is an overwhelming amount of negative press such as the WMF issue in early January of this year.

Read the article HERE.

Open Office

For those of you that are making the switch to Open Office, an excellent new book - The OpenOffice.org 2 Guidebook - has just been released.

To entice you into a purchase, the author has made available three chapters from this book as free PDF downloads.

Creating and Formatting Tables
Sorting and Filtering Spreadsheets
Creating Impress Master Pages (Backgrounds).

Download from the website HERE.


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