Thursday, December 14, 2006

Windows Personal Firewall Analysis

Each firewall was tested twice against 26 leak tests - once with its default, out-of-the-box settings, and once with its highest security settings. Each firewall was then awarded an overall score derived from its pass/fail result against each test. The higher the score, the better the firewall performed against the range of leak tests. For every test the firewall passed on its default settings it gained 125 points. For those tests that the firewall failed on its default settings but passed on its highest security settings it gained 100 points. The number of tests per firewall settings is 77. Thus the maximum score is 77 * 125 = 9625 points.

Comodo [FREE] Personal Firewall out performs the "big boys" in another test.

Read the report HERE.

In November, Comodo also performed very well in a termination test. A termination, on the other side, is a direct and brutal firewall attack to disable it's security. A leaktest [like the one above] will try to bypass your firewall stealthly without attacking it, it's purpose is to hijack a trusted communication flow to go out undetected.


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