Friday, December 14, 2007

New Software

A first look at KDE 4.0 release candidate 2
The second release candidate of KDE 4 was issued earlier this week. Ars takes a look at the feature set and finds plenty to like along with some nasty, hair-sprouting warts. Is one month enough time for the devs to wield the scalpel?

Read the article HERE.

Nmap 4.50 Released
Nmap - the infamous port scanner has released its latest version to celebrate its 10th anniversary - with 320 improvements since 4.00 including 2nd Generation OS Detection, Zenmap graphical front-end, along with other goodies for network scanning.

Read more HERE.

Firefox 3
Firefox 3 sports a better bookmark manager and is supposed to render web pages more quickly than Firefox 2. The current release of Firefox 3 is in beta but decent enough for you to try it on your computer. And even with release 3, your Firefox Passwords are still not very safe.

Read the article HERE.


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