Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Microsoft News

Microsoft Plugs 11 Windows Security Holes
Microsoft today released software updates to plug at least 11 security holes in PCs powered by its Windows operating systems and other software.

Read the article HERE or see a graphical view at SANS.

Microsoft Says Vista SP1 Won't Fix Compatibility Issues
Microsoft is warning customers that the soon-to-be released service pack for its Windows Vista operating system won't fix the application capability issues that have plagued the software since its release in January. "Applications that have compatibility issues with Windows Vista today will most likely continue to have the same issues with Windows Vista with SP1," Microsoft warns in a new whitepaper on Vista Service Pack 1.

Read the article HERE.

Microsoft Offers Service Pack Blocker
Many companies have a sort of a rule about Microsoft : wait until version two or the service pack to install. But that doesn’t mean that if the software’s already installed, you want the service pack, either. Last week, Microsoft acknowledged the service pack laggards by releasing the Windows Service Pack Blocker Tool Kit. The small download made available last Thursday will prevent installation of service pack updates sent through Windows Update for Windows Server 2003 SP2, Windows XP SP3, and Windows Vista SP1. It will be valid until March 2008 for Windows Server 2003 and for 12 months after release for the other two operating systems.

Read the article HERE.

Microsoft Clubs Counterfeiters
Microsoft is once again after resellers hawking counterfeit Microsoft goods worldwide. Microsoft customers and Windows Genuine Advantage catch 19 resellers pushing bogus Microsoft wares worldwide.

Read the article HERE.


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