Sunday, November 25, 2007

Time to end parental spying?

Internet safety isn't just about technology, but the public nature of online communication brings a whole new set of challenges home for parents and adolescents. Teens have always had "secret lives," but they weren't shared with the general public until they went online. A computer in the home is still a relatively new portal for outbound and inbound communication with the rest of the world. This complicates the issues of friendship, gossip, bullying, dating safety, potentially predatory sexual interest, and other issues that have always come with growing up.

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Parents the winner in Leopard v Vista showdown
In a showdown of new parental controls in Apple's Leopard versus Microsoft's year-old Vista, there's one clear winner - the parent. Apple and Microsoft don't have numbers on how many customers use parental controls, but analysts say the feature will easily be a selling point for Leopard and Vista this holiday season.

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