Saturday, November 24, 2007

Privacy - not any more

New front in the battle against identity theft
Millions of young people have made themselves vulnerable to identity theft as well as putting their future academic and professional prospects at risk by recklessly posting personal information on the internet, Britain's privacy watchdog warns in a report published today. The ICO has already begun an investigation into Facebook after a member of the public complained that he was unable to delete his account.

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Privacy group shines light on Facebook’s Beacon
Online privacy group says that Facebook’s new social advertising campaign is a complete violation of user privacy because it monitors user activity on participating third-party sites. The thought of having your every move tracked is unnerving. Not many people would say ‘yes’ to broadcasting every time they bought a book, rented a movie, made a bid on eBay, but this is essentially what Facebook’s new social advertising service Beacon does — unless you specifically tell it not to.

Read the article HERE.


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