Sunday, November 25, 2007

Researchers warn of AV software risks

The vulnerabilities in antivirus software make the programs as much a threat, as a help, to corporate network security, two German security experts argued in a presentation released last week.

Read the article [and 46 PDF page report] HERE.

Defense in depth revisited
So as a result of my previous post on the use of multiple scanners as a supposed form of defense in depth I was pointed towards this set of slides for a presentation by Sergio Alvarez and Thierry Zoller at n.runs: the expectation was that I'd probably agree with it's contents, and some of them I do (eg. some of those vulnerabilities are taking far too long to get fixed) my blog wouldn't be very interesting if all I did was agree with people so thankfully for the reader there's a number of things in the slides I didn't agree with...

Read the article HERE.


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