Monday, November 26, 2007

Gadget Security

Last week I got my xmas gift. A Eeepc. Basically, it is a small laptop (7'' screen), running a linux version, called XandrOS, with a quite user-friendly interface, mostly for internet applications. Well, it is quite good, and I am really liking it, but, of course, I had to try its security. Fortunately it allows you to get a console, which allows you to instantly get a root access, by issuing 'sudo bash'. Well, this is not good, since if anyone can get it, it can change the root password, maybe letting you with the unique alternative, restoring the system. So changing the config to ask for password is a ‘must do’, imho...:) But let’s go to interesting stuff. I was curious to see which ports were open using nmap from a remote host on it.

Read the article HERE.


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