Friday, December 22, 2006

Travellers beware

It's the holiday season, but we still like to "keep in touch". And that's where the troubles may begin. Two examples are listed below - and my own tip. Do NOT use that computer at your friends or relatives home. You have no idea what's on it. Stay safe.

Internet Cafe Dangers

Recently it was reported that a Hotmail user who traveled to Mexico and made use of an internet cafe in the country. This of course, is a common occurrence for travelers, but then when the person got back to the states, the user found that all of her hotmail messages and her entire address book were missing! The only message that remained was one from the attacker, who requested a payment in order to get the data back.

Websense, the security firm who reported the incident, stated that the ransom note was written in very poor Spanish, and when translated into English, it stated, "If you want to know where your contacts and your e-mails are then pay us or if you prefer to lose everything then don't write soon!"

Read more HERE.

Avoid airport rogue wifi networks

Air travelers looking to do a little web surfing at the terminal should be on the lookout for "honeypot" wireless networks set up by folks who want to listen in on your usernames and passwords.

Read more HERE.


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