Monday, January 14, 2008

Symantec releases online cyber-security quiz

In the realm of companies I wouldn't expect to release an online game, Symantec is right up at the top of the list. But that's just what the security software firm has done with its Cyber Smackdown online quiz [requires Adobe Flash Player 9], a Web-based game that tasks players with answering questions related to cyber security. It's a good idea, and if Symantec had bothered to come up with some difficult questions or even a few dozen different questions, it would have also been a nice manifestation. [ I just heard from Symantec, and the deal is that the company plans to release a full version of the game on Jan. 10 which will have 120 questions. The version with 12 questions is a CES-only version. ]

Read the article HERE.

At this time the site is still running with 12 questions, none of which have any relevence to security. Perhaps the other 108 to be added will rectify that. Which begs the question, why so many questions, when the site could probably get away with 50? But then I look at the provider, and bloatware just keeps springing to my mind.

Are you a security wizard ?
Think you know security? You might want to think again! Experts say that computers with Internet access are attacked by hackers on average every 39 seconds. Are you sure you’re doing enough to protect your personal data?

Take the test HERE.

Phish or Fake?
Test your Phish IQ : How well can you spot phishing sites? Many of the readers of this blog are pretty savvy when it comes to security issues. So, we’ve created a deceptively easy but devilishly hard 10-question phishing quiz.

Are you up to the challenge? Take the tests.

SiteAdvisor Spyware Quiz
McAfee SiteAdvisor Spam Quiz


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