Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pagebull - visual Internet search engine

Public beta version. Optimized for searches from within the United States. [Don't let that frighten you - looks perfect from Down Under in Australia] Mousing over the "i" in the corner of the screenshot gives text results, mousing over the magnifying glass produces a larger screenshot of that page. The 3x4 preselected format is perfect for a 19" monitor at 1280 x 1024, but you do have the option to view at 4x3 or 2x6.

Visit the website HERE.

Search engine "overflow"

Years ago we had Yahoo [yesterdays Google - where did it all go wrong ?], Alta Vista, and my personal favourite Ask Jeeves [when it first appeared on the net - before it was neutered]. Then the Google monster arrived in town and everbody went into hiding. Now - all of a sudden, they're popping up everywhere - a new day, a new search engine. Does Google have too strong a hold on "search", or will one of these upstarts become the next King of Search ? I hear you scoff - but it happenned to Yahoo, and we all know that nothing lasts forever.

Just a few of the new offerings are :-



Ms. Dewey


GoodSearch : Powered by Yahoo, GoodSearch works just like a regular search engine, except that fifty percent of its ad-generated revenue goes to charity. If it had leveraged Google instead of Yahoo, it would probably draw many more users. Even so, consider using GoodSearch at least a few times per day.


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