Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Leaked VLK method to activate Vista

Validated your pirated copies of Windows Vista Enterprise.
Instructions from Microsoft.

Read the article HERE.

Vista is the last of the dinosaurs

They won't make them like that any more - Pundits are starting to wonder if Microsoft will ever build another Vista. Business Week claims that it took nearly 10,000 people more than five years to make Vista. As the Seattle Times points out, since the average Microsoft salary is $200,000 that is $10bn that Vole shelled out for salaries alone

Read the article HERE.

Testing Vista's different memory configurations

Everyone knows that Vista needs more memory and we tried a few scenarios to discover the difference between certain memory setups. We ran tests to determine what happens when you upgrade from 512MB to 1GB from 1GB to 2 GB and so on.

Read the article HERE.


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