Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Goodbye SSL padlock

The CA/Browser Forum wants to bring increased safety to web banking and e-commerce by developing a new digital certificate that can better verify a site's legitimacy. The technology is already included in Internet Explorer 7 and Opera 8 and certainly looks like a step in the right direction—for the companies that are able to get a certificate.

Read the article HERE.

Web 'safe' mark may elude new merchants

As an online shopper, Claudia Race knows she must look out for scams. So as an Internet entrepreneur working out of her home in New Braunfels, Texas, Race wants to use all the tools available to assure customers they can trust the vacation-rentals service she is about to launch.

But because her small business is so new, Race said she might not qualify for the online seals of approval that Inc. and other larger, established companies are getting to instruct Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer browser to display a green address bar for "safe" when people visit her site.

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