Sunday, November 19, 2006

Security raised over laptop theft

Nationwide building society says it is tightening security after the theft of an employee's laptop containing customer information. Security experts have raised fears that the company's 11m customers could have been put at risk of identity crime.

[ Comment : Although the computer was stolen in a domestic burglary three months ago, the news has only been made public today. Why is it necessary to put data relating to their entire customer base on an employee's laptop ? And why is this information on the laptop never encrypted ? There have been many high profile cases of stolen laptops this year but most busineses still have this "it won't happen to us" attitude.

For quality entertainment, you can't beat TV commercials for large investment institutions.
They all have the same message, which is:
"These are scary times for investors, so GIVE US YOUR MONEY!
You can trust us, because we have a large building". ]

Read the article HERE.


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