Sunday, November 19, 2006

Linux links

Create an IPS using Snort and SnortSam

This article discusses how to use Snort and SnortSam to create a intrusion prevention system. Normally Snort is referenced as a IDS Intrusion Detection System, but you can use snort to actually stop attacks on the server. Snort is a very popular application which uses rules to monitor network traffic. If alerts are triggered they can be sent to syslog or to a database. Snort is a vital tool to have on your server. It's important to see what kinds of attacks are being launched so your can weigh your own vulnerability assessment.

Read the entire article HERE.

Open Source Vulnerability Database

OSVDB is an independent and open source database created by and for the security community. The goal of the project is to provide accurate, detailed, current, and unbiased technical information on security vulnerabilities. The project will promote greater, more open collaboration between companies and individuals, eliminate redundant works, and reduce expenses inherent with the development and maintenance of in-house vulnerability databases.

Visit the website HERE.

Build a Web spider on Linux

Web spiders are software agents that traverse the Internet gathering, filtering, and potentially aggregating information for a user. Using common scripting languages and their collection of Web modules, you can easily develop Web spiders. This article shows you how to build spiders and scrapers for Linux® to crawl a Web site and gather information.

Read the entire article HERE.

Triple-boot XP, Vista, and Ubuntu

Blogger Ilya Hevnikov has posted a really nice tutorial for triple-booting Windows XP, Windows Vista, and the Linux distro du jour, Ubuntu, on one hard drive.

This undertaking is not for the faint of heart, but it is a great way to try out a different OS or two without abandoning what you're comfortable with.

Read the entire article HERE.


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