Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Phishing toolbars: all hopeless

Antiphishing toolbars designed to protect users from web scams are failing to fulfil their promise, reports Techworld. A new study of anti-phishing toolbars has come to a stark conclusion about their effectiveness - none of them are any good.

A week ago, a report from SmartWare told the world that Mozilla's Firefox 2.0 had the best antiphishing capabilities, while a month ago a report from 3sharp claimed Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7.0 was tops.

But however independent their methodology, those reports were sponsored by the companies – Mozilla and Microsoft – that triumphed in each test, a fact that has undermined their reliability in many people's eyes.

Read the article HERE.

McAfee faces phoney phishing claims

McAfee has been forced to backtrack on claims that one of its products was misrepresented in a test of anti-phishing toolbars.

Read the article HERE.


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