Friday, February 08, 2008

Microsoft News

MS Patch Tuesday Barrage
After a relatively light Patch Tuesday load in January, Windows administrators are bracing for a barrage of security updates from Microsoft. According to the software maker's advance notice mechanism, there are 12 bulletins slated for release Feb. 12. Seven of the 12 will be rated "critical," Microsoft's highest severity rating.

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Final Version of Vista SP1 Test
Microsoft's newly released Service Pack 1 may solve some of the performance glitches that have annoyed Windows Vista users and discouraged others from adopting the OS, but it doesn't appear from our initial tests to be a panacea. In our first tests of the service pack, file copying, one of the main performance-related complaints from Vista users, was significantly faster. But other tests showed little improvement and in two tests, our experience was actually a little better without the service pack installed than with it.

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Microsoft responds to Save XP petition
In response to Infoworld's petition and other pro-XP outpourings of support, a Microsoft spokesperson in the US told Computerworld: "We're aware of it, but are listening first and foremost to feedback we hear from partners and customers about what makes sense based on their needs. That's what informed our decision to extend the availability of XP initially, and what will continue to guide us".

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Microsoft cuts Windows 7 features - already
Features are being shed left and right. The latest one is graphics a API, DirectX 11 in this case. From what we are told by reliable sources. MS was keen on having DX11 be part of Windows 7. DX10, which while technically pretty nifty, is saddled with Vista as an arm twist mechanism, so it is taking off like a water buffalo with bunions and a weight problem.

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