Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Software Tool Strips Windows Vista To Bare Bones
A free software tool that promises to strip down the Windows Vista operating system -- which even some Microsoft officials have called "bloated" -- to a minimalist state is attracting big interest on the Internet.

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Browser DOM Checker
A simple utility to thoroughly validate DOM, XMLHttpRequest, and cookie security restriction handling in modern web browsers. Notable features include exhaustive hierarchy crawling, cross-domain IPC system for blind write verification, page transition checks, and more. DOM Checker had been used to find a number of major security bypass and information disclosure problems in several popular browsers, and we had worked closely with vendors to resolve them (although it's worth noting that the tool still reports anywhere from 10 to 30 low-risk, design-related information disclosure issues in these programs).

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Metasploit version 3.1 adds iPhone support
Version 3.1 of exploit framework Metasploit has been released. The most important changes since version 3.0, released around 10 months ago, are a Windows graphical interface, numerous integrated tools and additional modules. In developing the GUI, which now provides a file and process browser, Metasploit developer H.D. Moore received support from security specialist Fabrice Mourron. The tools include the METASM suite, written in Ruby, which includes an assembler, disassembler, compiler, linker and debugger.

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TrueCrypt 5.0
Release scheduled for: February 4, 2008


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