Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Predictions for 2008 news stories

There are two ways to predict the future with 100% accuracy. You either have the power to shape the future to your predictions (the God method) or you make your predictions vague enough so that they fit most conceivable outcomes (the Nostradamus method).

Predicting Peril : As the end of the year approaches, a strange phenomenon begins. As we relax and prepare for the holidays, we feel a strange compulsion to predict the future. For some, this compulsion is so overwhelming that it bursts the bounds of late night family dinners and explodes onto the pages of blogs, magazines, newspapers and the ever-dreaded year-end specials on TV.

So I guess, as an "expert" in the field, I should give you my predictions for 2008 :

Stories that will appear due to fact -
Web browser vulnerabilities - every browser - no exceptions
Hackers unearth ancient Windows flaw
Microsoft confirms vulnerability

Hackers take aim at Mac again
Facebook/MySpace User credentials compromised by phishing campaign
Country [you choose] denies spying claims
Hackers hitting unpatched online applications
Piracy - also applies to the category below

Stories that will appear due to a slow news week -

Microsoft claims safest OS/Browser/Server/yabba-yabba-yabba
Botnets identified as top security threat
USB flash drives - the dangers, convenience, or whatever
Laptop security

How to crack WEP
Rootkits [had a slow year this year - due for resurrection]
Email [is dead , security, privacy...what a meal ticket]
Hackers cause losses of ...
Data Loss Prevention - also applies to the category below
Database monitoring - also applies to the category below
Whole disk encryption - also applies to the category below
Email encryption - also applies to the category below

Stories that will appear as an "infommercials" -
Hackers will target [the thing you are selling protection for] in 2008
Report looks at online privacy policies
Hackers high on Industrial espionage
?? percent of all e-mail is spam
Web users risking personal data online

and all the above stories will begin...

Media watcher says....
A global leader in information security says...
According to a new report by a web security firm...

I haven't bothered with any links to security software providers or security websites - you have probably seen them already - and realised that they are all identical. But, as I am a "linker" more than a blogger, here's one to keep you happy.
10 Predictions For Microsoft In 2008

AND, sadly, one headline we know will that keep appearing...
Computer/laptop/CD information theft puts thoudands at risk of ID fraud


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