Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Big news day yesterday

Yesterday was one of the biggest news days I have seen for some time. Was there really that much news; or were there just a lot of people coming back to work after a nice holiday break, all with a story that they have been saving for their return? Probably a bit of both.

As some of you may be aware, I live in Adelaide [South Australia] and usually post my blog between 7am and 9 am. That makes it late afternoon in NY, and late evening in the UK. By the time I had finished reviewing all of the stories available, there were just to many to post yesterday. So, here are the leftovers, as today, unsurprisingly, there is almost no news.

Anatomy of a hack attack
With the help of security experts, we reconstruct a typical hack attack on two large organisations and walk through the steps that the head of IT should follow in such a case.

Monday, 9am... Read the article HERE.

And the winner for "top virus" of 2007 is...
Not a virus. Not even a malware. Neither is the runner up… It's the method of how malware is populated. According to a [Sophos] report, the most common malware attack in 2007 is the notorious IFRAME.

Read the article HERE.

Hacker Voice Radio
HVR is an online radio show set up as an vocal forum for all the UK hackers and phreaks to come together, work together and a place to share information. HVR is hosted by either Beia or Naxxtor, frequent co-hosts are 10nix, _hyper_, Vesalius and Blue_Chimp - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9pm GMT. You can listen live by tuning into the stream at those times. We encourage all our listeners to join the IRC channel (#hvr on during the show to interact with your hosts.

Read more HERE.

Bill Gates’ last day at Microsoft
A video spoof shown during the CES 2008 keynote by Bill Gates about his last full day at Microsoft in July starring himself, Brian Williams, Steve Ballmer, Matthew McConaugheyr, Robbie Bach, Jay-Z, Bono, Steven Spielberg, George Clooney, Jon Stewart, Kevin Turner, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Al Gore, Ray Ozzie and Craig Mundie,

Amazing who they can call for a guest appearance in the name of Bill Gates.
Watch this very funny [7 minute] video HERE.


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