Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A little humour

Windows ME Explained
Xkcd strikes again with a bit of humor for your Monday morning. Should you be a programmer nursing a hangover, just forward this to the boss.

Read more HERE.

'Big Brother' Restaurant Spies on Diners
Imagine enjoying a friendly lunch with co-workers at the company restaurant. Now imagine every bite, sip and swallow being monitored by company researchers, in a kind of culinary Big Brother scenario. That's the reality at the new Dutch Restaurant of the Future, where 23 cameras track customers' every move. Facial recognition technologies record every smile and every frown, and a scale built into the floor weighs customers as they check out. Specially designed chairs note diners' heart rate as they get their first taste.

Read the article HERE.

Firefox - never heard of it
A student in Pennsylvania has been handed detention for having the temerity to run Firefox in class. One can't help but notice that the teacher not only hasn't a clue about Firefox, and even got the program name wrong, but is also challenged as to grammar.

Read the article HERE.


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