Saturday, December 08, 2007

Ads in Your Movie Watching

Wired has a story telling us it's time to boycott IBM. The tech giant has applied for a patent for a DVD that will scan your player for a "certificate". Depending on what kind of certificate you've purchased, your movie will either have commercial interruptions or not. WTF!? How would advertisements in movies affect Netflix or the DVD industry as a whole? Would you be willing to pay even more to see a movie as it should be seen -- without the marketing onslaught?

And the first comment sums it up :
I will never buy a DVD that contains such nonsense. In fact, I would fully support and condone and participate in all pirating activities associated with such a DVD technology. I would distribute any applicable cracking hacks and never legally purchase a DVD again. This is truly what the pirate culture exists for. Incredible Bumbling Morons - IBM


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