Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Large Scale MySpace Phishing Attack

In need of a "creative phishing campaign of the year"? Try this, perhaps the largest phishing attack spoofing MySpace and collecting all the login details at a central location, that's been active for over a month and continues to be.

Read the article HERE.

MySpace hacker tells his story
If Samy Kamkar plays his cards right, he may be allowed to visit MySpace again in just a few months. For the time being, however, he's not even allowed to touch a computer, following a January 2007 guilty plea for creating what many consider to be the first Web 2.0 worm: the Samy worm. Samy's worm wasn't malicious, but it did force News Corp.'s MySpace social-networking site to shut down in late 2005 after forcing more than 1 million users to declare Samy a "hero" on their profile pages.

Read the article HERE.


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