Saturday, June 02, 2007

Hacking News

New AACS "fix" hacked in a day

The ongoing war between content producers and hackers over the AACS copy protection used in HD DVD and Blu-ray discs produced yet another skirmish last week, and as has been the case as of late, the hackers came out on top.

Read the article HERE.

IFPI: Ten "inconvenient truths" about file-swapping

The international music trade group has just released a list of 10 "inconvenient truths" about sharing copyrighted music. Would you believe that it can fund terrorism?

Read the article HERE.

Hackers smash Xbox lockout

Micoroft's blocked chipped Xbox 360s from its Live service, but hackers aren't taking it lying down, they've hacked their way in again! Multi-play hungry hackers won't be slowed by Microsoft's attempts to lock their chipped consoles out of the Live service - they've cooked up a tasty hack to circumvent the big M's checks.

Dubbed iXtreme firmware, the hack-tastic update "defeats all current and some future Xbox Live detection attempts" its creators say.

Read more HERE.


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