Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Report Shows Spike in Online Identity Theft

A white paper from McAfee Avert Labs on global identity theft trends uncovered a dramatic increase in online and computer-based identity theft through the use of keyloggers.

[ Surprise - surprise. It's a report that may be of interest to some, so I have blogged it. I guess this is one of the many thousands of "reports" that will be released this year to justify an existence - be it a software provider, an online security website, or some other useless entity. I, of course, do not include the first release of genuine statiscal or information reports, just the rehashes of the same old topics [ insecure passwords, spam, identitiy theft] that keep appearing on a daily basis ].

The findings come on the heels of similar reports decrying the increase of spam and instant messaging attacks in 2006, including a study by San Diego-based Akonix Systems that uncovered nearly 20 percent more new IM-borne attacks last year than it did in 2005.

Read more HERE.


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