Sunday, January 14, 2007

Pay attention when installing software updates

Please let me make this perfectly clear. I hate software bundling, and have said so on this blog many times. I hate it that so many free products try to install toolbars or change my Web browser settings, whether it be Yahoo Messenger, or MSN Messenger, or Adobe Acrobat, or Sun Java or the myriad other products that try to do the same thing. The CNET article is right insofar as the default install of Yahoo Messenger changes your Web browsers home page and search engine settings an adds a toolbar and the Yahoo Messenger installation does NOT make it clear that these things will happen. It should NOT be necessary to select 'customise your install' or 'custom install' before you can see the tick boxes for the additional changes. But that being said, my strong dislike for bundling does not cancel out a similarly strong dislike for misinformation.

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