Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy New Year - Worm

A rootkit-cloaked worm is being heavily spammed to users as an attachment to "Happy New Year!" messages, a security researcher warned Friday.

The new worm, dubbed "Tibs" by Kaspersky Lab but pegged as a "Nuwar" variant by Trend Micro, comes disguised as a file attachment named "postcard.exe," said Ken Dunham, director of VeriSign iDefense's rapid response team, in an e-mail. Users who launch the executable will infect their PCs.

Read more HERE.

F-Secure Summary : Luder is an e-mail worm, a dropper for a trojan downloader and a file infector. The worm sends itself as attachment named 'postcard.exe' in e-mail messages with the 'Happy New Year!' subject. The trojan downloader downloads and runs files from a website.


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