Thursday, November 16, 2006

Zero-Day Flaws Dominate Vulnerability Rankings

The SANS Institute released its annual rankings of the Top 20 Internet-based attack vectors on Nov. 15, pointing to the continued rise of targeted threats aimed at newly discovered zero-day flaws and vulnerabilities in Microsoft products. Other shifts in the threat landscape charted by SANS include the more frequent creation of attacks on Internet-based phone systems and the increased popularity of threats that attempt to take advantage of vulnerabilities in Web-based applications.

Read the article HERE.

Free security scan for the new SANS Top 20

Qualys' free SANS Top 20 Scan detects the 20 most dangerous vulnerabilities impacting networks worldwide. The top 20 list is published twice a year by the SANS Institute, a trusted source for information security training, certification and research. If any of the top 20 vulnerabilities are found, Qualys provides a detailed report with information for each vulnerability and links to verified fixes.

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